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Conversion tracking issues for software downloads

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Our company sells software. While our direct purchase products have >95% conversion tracking accuracy, our trial software 1-per click conversions in AdWords are half (<55%) of what they should be. We know this because we've hard coded trials with the source and run the reports over long periods of time to minimize the impact of click date vs. purchase date.


The inaccuracy makes kw-specific optimizations nearly impossible, but we're having a hard time figuring out the cause.


What we know:

  • 90% of trial conversions (purchase) happen within 24hrs of ad click... (cookie length likely a non-issue)
  • we only have a problem on downloaded software, our cart reports direct purchases almost perfectly

I would expect some users change browsers between initial download and purchase, but I can't believe this is anywhere close to 50%.


I'm curious to hear if anyone else has experienced a similar discrepancy and/or could point us to potential causes.







Re: Conversion tracking issues for software downloads

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Do you take successful trial downloads to a different confirmation/tracking page?


I expect you've checked Search Funnels for length of time.


Yes, changing browsers and/or devices will break the tracking because cookies don't follow devices as you know.


Is there any difference between trial/purchase in

- times of day/days of week (Dimensions tab)

- email addresses (professional vs personal)


Can you discern any difference in buyers, that is business buyers vs personal/home buyers?


Have you ever seen more than one email address for the purchase, i.e someone registers one email address for the trial, then buys but uses a different email address to purchase? Can that ever happen?


I'm trying to see any possible source of disconnect between trials and purchases.


BTW are you using Merchant Center?