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Conversion tracking: How do I change the button code?

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I’d like to track conversions on my website when someone clicks SUBMIT button. I pasted the tag I created with adwords between body tags on the page of the button. says:

You'll now need to add an onclick command directly to the code for the button that you want to track. In the code below, replace “” with the URL for your website link, and replace “Download now!” with your button text.

<button onclick="goog_report_conversion('')" href="">Download now!</button>


The original code of the button on my website is this:

<button type="submit" name="submit" value="thisNeedsChanging" class="btn hvr-shutter-out-horizontal" style="float:right">Submit</button>


1 Shall I put the bold code before type="submit"?

1 What is the URL for my website link? The url of the landing page of the link or the url of the page with the link?

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Conversion tracking: How do I change the button code?

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Hi @mirco d - buttons and links behave differently and thus buttons do not have a destination in the same way as a text link to a url.


There are two simple ways to track this... 


1. Once people have completed your form you can redirect that to a thank you page - it sounds like you are doing this already...


you can add conversion code to this page or - perhaps more elegantly - track the thank you page as a goal in Google analytics and import that goal back into AdWords as a conversion.


2. Use Google Tag Manager to track a click of the submit button. Tag each button click as an event and then track those in Google Analytics and convert those into goals... bringing these back into Adwords as conversions once set up.


The advantage of tracking conversions in GA first is that you can then track conversions from ALL your traffic sources. With AdWords conversions you can only track conversions triggered by AdWords visitors.... so you don't really know how your conversion rate compares.