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Conversion tracker not working

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Hi all,


This is the code that google spits out for a website conversion tracking, I have copied and pasted this into my page, however I am not showing any conversions.


using the tag assistant I see these errors:


1) Conversion value not set

- this is probably ok, but I changed it to 0.01c just incase


2) Code should be placed directly above the closing <body> tag.

- I dont think this matters at all


3) non standard implementation - We have detected Google Tag Manager web requests, but were not able to find the code snippet on the page.

- i dont understand this since I have copied and pasted the code into my directly.



The code is set between the <body></body> tags. Do I need anthing in the header aswell? If I grab the url, and paste it into a the browser directly I stil don't see any conversions showing up;guid=ON&amp=&ctc_id=CAIVAgAAAB0CAAA...



any suggestions? 

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Conversion tracker not working

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You won't see any conversions in your account until someone who clicks on your ad converts.


In Tools > Conversions you should however be able to see the status of the conversion code. Info here:


Conversion tracker not working

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Hi thanks for the reply, well the conversion has been running for about a month now, (in that time I've had a few thousand what should have been conversions)


But I suspect my method may not be possible to work. My campaign is an "app install campaign" and the conversion fires after a successful registration. The registration page is is a webview called within the app. So I am not sure if it could keep track of a user that installed the app and then also fires a trigger via the webpage back to google.