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Conversion optimizer is charged for normal clicks also.?

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Dear friends,


can anybody please clarify my doubt, if i am using conversion tracking optimizer. In this scenario, do i charged for normal cost per clicks? or i am charged only for conversions?

For example,

If i am using conversion optimizer, and i got 1 conversion 15 cliks, then how it is charged. I mean what is cpc and cpa in this situation.

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Re: Conversion optimizer is charged for normal clicks also.?

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Hi Hari P

Welcome to the community!
Even If you are using conversion optimizer,you will be charged on per click basis.
Using historical information about your campaign, Conversion Optimizer automatically finds the optimal equivalent CPC bid for your ad each time it's eligible to appear.
So according to your example,you will be charged for 15 clicks.

You can also explore the link:

Aritra Mukherjee