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Conversion of multi buttons tracking within one page.

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I have an online shopping web page. Every product has one "buy now" button. I would like to use adwords conversion to keep track on the number of clicks in order to do conversion. However, the tutorial said I have to put the tracking code on each page. My problem is, I only have one page and one button, when customers clicks on other product, the variables will change from the database. For example, if I am selling 100 products, it's impossible to have 100 pages.


Can someone help me out with this problem?? Thank you.

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Conversion of multi buttons tracking within one page.

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Hello @Paul L,

Actually there are two types of Goals.

1) Destination Goal.

2) Event Goal.


As you have said, you need to paste the code in each page if you choose Destination Goal.

But in Event Goal, that's not necessary.

You can create Event Goal Snippet for each button and paste those Codes in respective buttons for effective tracking without creating different thank you pages.

Click here to Know more about different types of Goals.

Thank you,

Manikandan G.

Conversion of multi buttons tracking within one page.

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Hi Paul,


Is the conversion/purchase completed on a different website? If so, event tracking may be your best bet.


But, if the visitor remains on your site for conversion, you only need one "thank page" and only one set of the conversion code. eCommerce tracking in GA will help you see what was actually sold. In the AW conversion code, have your shopping cart fill in the total value of the sale. How you do that depends on what shopping cart software you use.


The problem with tracking clicks as conversions is you don't really know whether the visitor actually completed the purchase. You're just counting clicks. You can accomplish that better with GA goals and a properly setup sales funnel. Importing goals as conversions is really only good if every conversion has the same value. That's not your case.


I've had trouble importing transactions as goals for many months now. Google rep told me that's not working. Here's my suggestion. Set up eCommerce tracking for your site so you can see what is selling. Setup a Goal in GA that can track clicks on product "Buy Now" buttons. Add the AW conversion code to your thank you page.


Setting up the goal can be tricky. You will want to enter the part of the URL that is common to all those clicks. If the common part is always before the variable part, use head match. If the variable part of the URL comes before the common part, you'll need to use regular expressions for the goal. Those can be tricky.


Best of luck!




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