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Conversion metrics question

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HI all, If I look at my campaign statistics for Monday 3rd of June. The total number of conversions shown are 10 for both campaigns. All 10 conversions coming from campaign 1 and 0 conversions coming from  campaign 2. The Cost of Conversions showing for Campaign 1, at the campaign level, is €10.85 but then the total cost of conversions is €17.33. I'm not sure how the total cost is €17.33 when the total for Campaign 1 is €10.85 and there were no conversions in the second campaign.


Also is the Cost Per Conversion/1-Per Click, displayed at the campaign level, the total cost of all conversions in the campaign over that time period or just the cost of 1 conversion.


Thanks for your help as always everyone!

Regards Brian

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Re: Conversion metrics question

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Hi Brian,


Your overall cost per conversion (CPA) is going to be higher at an account level (campaign 1+2) because even if campaign 2 didn't convert, I assume it still spent money. Therefore this increases the overall cost, but your conversions are the same (10), so the cost per conversion goes up. 


Does that make sense?


The column you refer to is a calculation of all costs and clicks within the campaign(s) you are in.

Jack Porter-Smith
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