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Conversion keyword data Adwords/cpc different in adwords & analytics

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I understand the basics but this threw me.
I understand adwords to attribute conversions to the last click.
Analytics to the last click in the whole conversion process ie maybe organic
Why would analytics then have different keyword data for a conversion than adwords?
Conversions by keyword in analytics attributed to adwords/cpc, are not even click assisted conversion keywords in Adwords.
Why are these conversion keywords both attributed to adwords/cpc different?
These analytics keywords are non existent to conversion in adwords interface?
Does it have something to do with many per click and visitor returning days later and booking? This conversion then going to the previous conversion keyword of last click in adwords interface? Why this would not be a click assisted conversion i dont know?
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Re: Conversion keyword data Adwords/cpc different in adwords & ana

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Are you seeing a lot of these discrepant clicks? One such way this may happen is when AdWords thinks that a click is invalid it will pull it out and not charge you for it. So, it may already have been recorded in analytics but removed from AdWords.


But you say these are conversions and not just click-throughs?

Re: Conversion keyword data Adwords/cpc different in adwords & ana

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Yes these keywords quite a few of them in fact, are recorded as conversions in analytics.

Conversion totals im both interfaces are similar, but the keywords differ significantly.



Re: Conversion keyword data Adwords/cpc different in adwords & ana

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Hi Scott,


You are just a little off in terms of attribution.


AdWords will attribute the last Ad clicked if that conversion is within 30 days of the click.

Analytics will attribute to the last source, other than direct. If the last source was AdWords and the conversion is more than 30 days after the click, Analytics will still attribute to AdWords, AdWords will not.


Have you looked at the multi-channel reports? They can sometimes help figure this out.


Best of Luck!




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Re: Conversion keyword data Adwords/cpc different in adwords & ana

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Hi thanks

Yea that makes complete sense and was not informed of that when I spoke to Google earlier today..


This explains higher volumes of conversions.

Appreciate this knowledge.


This does not explain though when i select the first 30 days of the conversion tracking being live, so when the adwords cookie is active - A huge difference in keywords discrepancies for conversions over both Google Analytics and Adwords.


Does analytics attribute each many per click conversion to seperate keywords in analytics? - analytics goal (once per visit) - visit definition

This is what I come up with: a unique visitor can return any time after 30 minutes after the ad click and initial search has finished. Once the same user then returns and purchases again, this time searching for a different keyword, this keyword instead of the original keyword will be attributed to a goal completion.

Unlike Adwords conversions where this would be attributed under many per click.


Let me know if this is a good understanding please?

I have been on a major search to confirm this in my head.


Re: Conversion keyword data Adwords/cpc different in adwords & ana

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I'm also learning along the way but my thoughts are the following:


"Does analytics attribute each many per click conversion to separate keywords in analytics?"


No. Many per click conversion means only one click and multiple conversions. So the keywords should be the same. It can not change. The keywords should only be overwritten by a new campaign. 


A new campaign (ad click, organic search) also starts a new visit and therefor new keywords.


If that new campaign is an organic search that means that the goal will not be attributed to AdWords in GA but to the organic search and you will not be able to see it in GA (except in Multichannel funnels).


Somebody could correct me If I'm wrong. Smiley Happy

What I don'tunderstand is that how you match one click on an adwords to google analytics goals ?


They don't have unique keys (well the ads do but you don't see them in GA) and they are attributed to a different date as well ? Aren't they ? Just because you have selected the same date range that doesn't mean that you see the same data.


Goal completion != Adwords Conversion



Let's say you are selling white wine and advertising under different keywords with the same adwords.


You search for "white wine" on the 12th of January click on ad but don't buy until the 5th of February.


I than come along on the 15 February search for "sweet white wine" click on ad (same ad) and buy. 


I than search for "something to drink" on the 25 February an click on the same ad but don't buy until 1th March


You select a date range in GA 1-28 February and do the same in Adwords.


They both show two conversion (goal completion) from the same campain but in GA it will be with keywords "white wine" && "sweet white wine" while in AdWords the keyword will be ''something to drink" && "sweet white wine" 


But than that is only a theory and as I said I'm learning as well and I might just be wrong ... 


Good Luck!



Re: Conversion keyword data Adwords/cpc different in adwords & ana

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I guess the way to check would be to extend your date range in GA to the previous&next months and see if you can find the same keywords you see in Adwords.



Re: Conversion keyword data Adwords/cpc different in adwords & ana

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Yes I am coming to understand that I am questioning my knowledge all the time.


I have selected the first 30 days that the conversion  and GA tracking were active.

The keywords in GA get attributed on the actual conversion date rather than the ad click date I get that.


What I don't understand is why then these keywords in the 1st 30 days in GA do not match the conversion keywords or appear in the conversion path in adwords?


I dont understand why this would be?

They would still be attributed to the Adwords cookie in the 1st 30 days, so even if coming through a bookmarked direct visit, they should be attributed  in adwords and GA.

To my knowledge they should be showing somewhere?


The keywords appear in GA as a conversion path of 1.

Re: Conversion keyword data Adwords/cpc different in adwords & ana

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In your example your right, but should these keywords then appear in the adwords conversion path or last per click funnel in adwords?


The keywords would be attributed as a conversion differently yes!!

But I beleive I should be able to see the keyword  in a conversion funnel in adwords..


I cant!!

This is what is throwing me