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Conversion count between Google Adwords, Analytics and CRM systems

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Hi guys, 

My website has been running an insurance & financial service for 3 years and almost using PPC to generate leads for us. Otherwise we always confues about conversion reports because we using Adwords, Analytics and our own system to record conversion. But from these system always hasn't the right answer due to they always different. 


To tell the client what would be best reason why Adwords, Analytics and CRM system always collect different conversion even they caming from the same sources ? 

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Re: Conversion count between Google Adwords, Analytics and CRM systems

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The Analytics Goal Completions metrics are calculated differently than the conversion tracking metrics in AdWords.

In Google Analytics, the completion of a goal matches the exact time when a prospect reaches the desired URL. If a visitor fills out a form and lands on your Thank-You page to e.g. download your freebie, then that action is recorded as conversion.

In AdWords, the conversion will be assigned to the last ad click, BEFORE the actual conversion. If someone clicks on your ad, leaves the page but returns to it within 30 days and carries out the desired action, then that first click on your ad counts the conversion, even though the conversion happened days or weeks after the original click.
There are several other factors too. See the link for more info:

Re: Conversion count between Google Adwords, Analytics and CRM systems

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Hi Apiwat,

Ujjwal writes a terrific answer. I would only add that in explaining to your client the disparity in conversion data you should have a conversation about conversion attribution.

Here's a model some agencies (any sometimes myself) use for conversion attribution. If a visitor has click on your ad BUT bounces and then only converts later orgaically (direct/organic) then I typically would count it as an AdWords conversion (adwords does too).

But, if a visitor clicked on an AdWords ad, bounces and then clicks on another paid channel's ad (lets say you're running remarketing on another platform) then I would divide the conversion between the two sources.

Universal Analytics has a terrific tool to better understand how your conversion behavior. Simply do the following:
#1 Go to 'Conversions' and click 'Multi-Channel Funnels'
#2 In 'Multi-Channel Funnels' click on 'Top Conversion Path'
#3 In 'Top Conversion Path' select the following settings:
- Date (remember it takes between 24-72 hours for the Top Conversion Path report to process the data).
- Conversions: Select the conversions you want to count.
- Path Length: I recommend 'All'
- Type: 'All'
- Lookback Window: Select a date that coincides with the window you've set for your AdWords conversions.
- Primary Dimension: Select 'Source/Medium Path'

This will give you a great idea on how your conversions work and will help you explain further to your client about conversion attribution.
Joshua, Top Contributor
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