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Conversion code on Landing page: clicks = conversions...?

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I have conversion code on a page that serves as a landing page for a remarketing ad group. While this doesn't make complete sense, this is because is is a "view of a key page" conversions for other ads, and so I just have to keep this in mind when I look at coversions for this group. (There is another conversion in place for those who sign up from this page.) So, the clicks and theconversions should be the same for this group, but they are not; the conversions rate is 35%. It should be 100%. What's up?  The Bounce rate is showing as 0%, the time on site is decent.


Does this have to do with theh 30 tags for conversions vs. 60 days tags (in my case) for Remarketing? Or View through vs. Click throughs? Either seems possible but I can't get my head around it. 

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Re: Conversion code on Landing page: clicks = conversions...?

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Hi there, 


This is a really interesting post! Thanks for sharing.


There are a couple of things that could be happening here. Firstly, conversions can take 48ish hours to be loaded into the AdWords account whereas clicks are registered much more quickly so there is a time discrepancy in reporting here that could be causing an issue. 


Also, clicks will be measured when someone clicks on your ad, while a conversion would be measured when the conversion code on your page fully loads and fires. If there's a time lag between the time someone clicks on your ad and the conversion tracking code fully fires, and that person leaves your site during that time, they would register as a click, but not a conversion. 


Does anyone else in the Community have anything to share here from their experience?