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Conversion attribution to a specific campaign.

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For some time I've been viewing my "cost per conversion" as one of the key benchmarks for the performance of my campaigns.


I have multiple Conversion goals set up for various campaigns.  I have a general product interest campaign that drives traffic to an information / opt in page designed to capture the contact's email address.


I'm also selling a retail product, and have an additional Conversion goal on the receipt page displayed after checkout for the conversion.  This is more targeted (based on the search terms) and drives prospects to a product detail page to try and make a sale.


I'm concerned that the "cost per conversion" may be including either one of these conversions.  For the 2nd campaign (retail) I only want to count purchases as a conversion.


I don't see any way in the interface to tie a campaign directly to a goal - am I missing something, or is there some better way to handle this so I'm not crediting my retail campaign inappropriately for signups only?


Thanks very much in advance.





Re: Conversion attribution to a specific campaign.

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No, there isn´t any way to tie a type of conversion to a specific campaign. If you have several different types of conversions and people coming from different campaigns in your account will be able to complete any of these conversions toy general conversions-report will mix them all.

However, if you choose "Conversions" in the "Segment" dropdown you will get data for each type of conversion. Not perhaps as specific as you wish (cost counted for each typ), but you can use it to make new calculation.