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Conversion assignment to remarketing audiences

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I have a question and it's possible that this is a stupid one but I will ask anyways. I want to set up a dynamic remarketing campaign for an e-commerce website. I have audiences for visitors that visited subpages dedicated to products of a particular brand and audiences for visitors that visited subpages dedicated to particular category of products. At first I wanted to create separate ad groups for each so the campaign structure would be like this:


1. Visitors who abandoned their shopping cart

2. Visitors who visited brand related subpages

3. Visitors who visited category related subpages

4. Visitors who visited certain products


Then I set back for a minute and I asked myself what about the users that are in more than one category. For example 2+3. When this visitors finally makes an order to which audience is this conversion assigned? To one of them? To both?


The second question would be is it a good idea to cross-exclude this audiences? For example Ad Group 2 would target audience 2 but excluded 3 and 4 and of course also people who made an order. Or should I just target the audience, exclude people who made an order and be done with it?


Thanks for any help!


Štěpán Heller

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Re: Conversion assignment to remarketing audiences

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@Stepan H

The conversion will be attributed to whichever list generated the ad. A user can be on list 2 and 3, but if he clicked the ad from adgroup 3 and converted, then adgroup 3 will get the credit.
As for your other question, I would use caution with the first scenario. From what you've described, excluding your "made an order" list would be the easiest way to go.

Re: Conversion assignment to remarketing audiences

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Hi David,

thanks for the answer, makes sense, it helped me a lot!