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Conversion Tracking

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If I want to set up conversion tracking for the action "downloads paper", can I use 1 code to track 9 individual paper downloads from 9 separate landing pages, or should I give each page its own code?

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September 2015

Re: Conversion Tracking

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Hi Amy,


Whilst it might seem overkill - you will be better off in the long run if you treat each individual landing page and each different paper download as an independent conversion - why? - because as a general rule, the more segmentation you have the better.


You can always add your data to get totals and averages, but if all you have are totals you can't then split them down later.


If you have the same thank you page (for example) for three different form completions, how do you know which form is better at converting your traffic - sure you could look at which form completions you are receiving (if, indeed you have access to this information - often this could be someone else such as a colleague in another office, or a client in the case of an account manager) but you would have to tally that manually. It would make much more sense to know, right within Analytics or AdWords, that of the 200 visitors to page A, 20 submitted the form, and of the 400 from page B only 2 - there's actionables right there!


Hope that helps.

Re: Conversion Tracking

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I am really new to adwords, if i have the same thank you page as mentioned previously, and i have lets say 10 products that i am advertising, to track the products conversion, am i suppose to paste all 10 codes into the same thank you page? And if i do paste them in, will google analytics or ad word show me specifically the conversion rate for each single product?

Lets say in the long term i expand and i have 50 products that i am advertising, do i still paste all 50 codes on the same thank you page? Is there an easier way instead of pasting all 50 codes on my thank you page?
and will google adword be able to track each product individually?

Last question, if the code is run after the order is completed, then how do this code knows if its for the specific deal?
If it runs all the time, how/can it distingush whether its an actual conversion?

Re: Conversion Tracking

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Hi Isaac

I know this post is a little late but I see no one else has answered your question.
In my opinion I would rather go with Analytics Goals and import these into AdWords.
You will be able to set goal funnels for each product purchased etc as well as set specific goals for each product. A little bit of knowledge of RegEx (Regular Expressions) will go a long way when setting up these goals.

The biggest limitation here is that you are limited to 20 goals per analytics View.
For more on Analytics Goals see this page;