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Conversion Tracking

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Hi all,


Looking for some advice. 


Our AdWords account is running really well, a great amount of impressions, getting the clicks and an impressive CTR. 

We have Lucky Orange in place to see how people interact with our website, we can see that people are purchasing from the website via PPC.


However, conversions in Analytics doesn't show these transactions, but will show other transactions.


I'm not a conversion tracking set up expert and all I want is to be able to track the conversions from our PPC account.


Any help would be fantastic as to the managing director, the PPC account isn't performing (even though we can see from Lucky Orange that it is)




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Conversion Tracking

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Hi @Francesca B,


Go through these help files.

Import Google Analytics goals and transactions into AdWords

Import Analytics goals and transactions into AdWords Conversion Tracking


Archit, AdWords Top Contributor, Community Profile
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Re: Conversion Tracking

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@Francesca B,


A good "rule of thumb" is to ALWAYS link your Adwords and Analytics accounts. @Archit provided links that should help you finalize that setup.


Basically, GA in it's default state, won't be able to accurately track all your transactions. GA reports data by sessions. Which means, that your source/medium traffic from Google / CPC can be easily skewed if the user doesn't convert within that single session. If that user were to come back to your site the next day or even if they switched browsers then the conversion/transaction would be recorded through (direct) / (none) or Google / Organic.


Linking your accounts and enabling "auto-tagging" will allow your PPC accounts to pass the necessary data into Analytics for tracking purposes. After linking your accounts, give your GA 48 hours to populate the PPC account data: Acquisition < Adwords < Campaigns


Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 3.10.44 PM.png


Hope this helps in understanding how GA tracks and reports data.