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Conversion Tracking on a Facebook App

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Can anyone offer advice on how to set up AdWords conversion tracking within a Facebook app?


This is the process:

  1. Person clicks on text ad
  2. Lands on the Facebook app permission dialogue page (i.e. approve or cancel), clicks Go to App
  3. Lands on their user page in the app


We don't have a distinct Thank You page, so how do we make sure conversions are being tracked correctly?


Any help is much appreciated.

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Re: Conversion Tracking on a Facebook App

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Hi Jesse,


You're advertising your Facebook page with AdWords? OK.


What is the conversion action--when the user grants app permission?


Isn't the permission dialogue all Facebook now? It seems when a user lands on your app, either they're already a user or they are a new user. Users have a page in the app, so I'm guessing they also have a db record somewhere.


My idea would be if you are adding a new user, return the conversion code with the user page. If it's a returning user, don't include the code. You wouldn't want the code permanently on the page as that would record a conversion everytime the user visits your app.


Best of Luck!




petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Conversion Tracking on a Facebook App

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Hi Pete,


It's a Facebook App we're driving traffic to (not to be confused with a Facebook Fan Page). A conversion on a Page would be a Like, whereas a conversion in an app is an "install".


So the conversion action is when the user (who is already a Facebook user) grants the App permission - and now becomes a registered user of the app. Anyone can land on the app without being registered/ installed - but (as you stated) - they can only see their unique Profile (within the app) when they are an App user.


That was what I was thinking - to include the conversion code on the user's app profile page (the 1st page they see after approving the app - as soon as they convert) - but only the 1st time they visit it.


Thanks for the input.