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Conversion Tracking many per click

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I am working on an eCommerce website of one of my client related to healthcare industries and we have setup conversion tracking properly and able to track conversion 1 per click & many per click.

My questions is

While tracking conversions under many per click method, how can I able to track conversions for actual sale/purchase within 30 days of first conversion. For example user A purchase product B on 4th of december and come back on website 10th of December and purchase one product again this can be track in many per click conversion method but what happen in following cases

Case A: User A purchase a product on 4th of december and landing on thank you page and bookmark this landing page for any reason and within 30 days come back to this thank you page while surfing on internet which is not actual a conversion but it will display as conversion in adwords. So how can I prevent this type of conversions to appear in my adwords statistics

Case B: Same case if User A purchase product on 4th of december landing on thank you page and then move to some other website and then come back to landing page using back button/option of browser in same session again a conversion of sale will be recorded but there is no real sale so how can I prevent the same to appear in my adwords data.

So how can I track real conversions/actual purchase and eliminate conversions counted because of the above two cases?

Re: Conversion Tracking many per click

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Hi there,


I would use unique session IDs tagging within the confirmation page URL...


This would ensure that anyone accessing the bookmarked URL will not actually be able to reload the confirmation page but will go on another page (redirect, 404, home page, you name it)...


else, with a tag manager / container, you can prevent the adwords tag to load if the previous page is not an authorised URL (paypal, payment gateway, your own credit card processing payment page...). 


Hope this helps..