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Conversion Tracking: many-per-click (vs) 1-per-click

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I promote a site in AdWords that sells a service. Users only buy our service once and we only charge users a one-time fee. I've been noticing at the end of each day our many-per-click Conversions always end up being greater than our 1-per-click Conversions. Our many-per-click Conversions are on average between 10 to 20 greater than our 1-per-click Conversions daily.

Considering we have our AdWords Conversion tracking code installed on our Checkout Thank You page - a user will only see this page in the event their transaction was approved and thus a 1-per-click Conversion and a many-per-click Conversion should be triggered and equal the same - 1-for-1. Furthermore our Checkout Thank You page URLs are dynamically generated and include each user's unique Transaction ID Number, issued by our payment gateway (e.g.

In my AdWords Account when visiting Conversions under the Tools & Analysis tab on any given day I can see where 1 URL is reporting up to 10 Conversions for the same Transaction ID Number. Our payment gateway issues a "unique" Transaction ID Number for every single transaction that occurs on our site. So if John Doe buys our service on Monday and then returns to our site and buys our service later on Monday and buys it again - John Doe will be issued 2 unique Transaction ID Numbers, not one. To further validate my concern, I can copy the Transaction ID Number (associated with dynamically-generated, unique URL) and paste it into a Transaction ID Number Search on my payment gateway's site and sure enough only 1 result is found - indicating 1 Conversion - not 10.

So my question is simple - what could be causing the many-per-click Conversions in my AdWords Account to be greater than my 1-per-click Conversions - when provided my business model they should be 1-for-1 and always equal to the other?

Any help would be greatly appreciated in this matter.

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Re: Conversion Tracking: many-per-click (vs) 1-per-click

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Hello PPCguru and welcome,


I hope you know the difference between conversion (1-per-click) and conversion (many-per-click) as per Google notes:


Conversion (1-per-click) counts only one conversion for every AdWords ad click resulting in the behavior within 30 days. If a customer clicks an ad and then makes multiple conversions, only one conversion is counted using this method.


Conversion (many-per-click) can count multiple conversions for every ad click. 


That's one of the vital reason of data discrepancies between 2 of them.



Re: Conversion Tracking: many-per-click (vs) 1-per-click

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Hi PPCGuru,


I have two thoughts on this. First, is that page part of an Analytics goal and has that goal been imported to AdWords? That would cause 2 conversions to be recorded for each conversion.


Second, what happens when you refresh the Thank You page? Does it show the page again with the AW conversion code on the page? If it does, that's probably a mistake and would register many-per-click conversions each time the page is refreshed. Be sure to set the cache time to 0 seconds.


That's all I can think of for now.


Best of Luck!




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