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Conversion Tracking Problem

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Hi All,


I have one text ad campaign and one PLA campaign in Adwords. for 2 months, the text ad campaign shows no conversion in the Adwords and Analytics. Late this April, I went through Analytics and found out that it was connected to the wrong Adwords account, so I fixed that and after some days Analytics are showing conversion for the text ads. However, it's not showing conversion in the Adwords. I digged my CMS and found out the conversion tracking used is wrong. So I fixed that. After a day, the PLA campaign have shown conversion in both Analytics and Adwords, but the text ads campaign is still not showing conversion in Adwords and this is my problem now. Do I have to have different conversion tracking code for different campaigns?  Also, the conversion I'm seeing in Analytics for my PLA campaign is different from that in the Analytics. Please help. I know this sounds really complicated. This is for a client and they've had different PPC people before me and they used different analytics and adwords accounts, so it's really confusing.

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Re: Conversion Tracking Problem

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Hi Jannah,
Welcome to the community. I feel your pain. We've all inherited complete messes of accounts. Sounds like you have a doozie.

First of all, you do not need separate conversions for each campaign. It sounds to me like you may have Google Analytics goals imported as conversions.

In this case, I'd simply remove ALL conversions and start again. Add a new conversion that's NOT imported from Google Analytics and make sure you paste that exact snippet on the conversion page. Unless you're only using eCommerce tracking in GA, there's going to be discrepancies in the conversion data anyway.

In my opinion, the best way to do it is to keep the AdWords conversions separate to GA, unless you do NOT have goals set up (and let's be honest, most people do) and use only eCommerce transaction tracking.

This will lead to the data matching up better and then when you are sure it's working, THEN you can move on to importing conversions if you want.

Right now, you don't know where the conversion problems are. Is it GA or AdWords? The only way to find out is to keep them separate until you diagnose the problem.

Re: Conversion Tracking Problem

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Hi Dave. Thanks for the reply. I actually have a bunch of conversions, some are imports from the Google Analytics, some I made, some were done by the previous PPC guys of the client. So I'll follow your suggestion for now. Thanks again!