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Conversion Tracking Issues

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Conversions are critical to optimization, and I have encountered multiple issues as described below.  I'm writing this as feedback to the Google team, and in case anyone else has suggestions or similar experiences.

1)  AdWords records the conversion on the initial click date, not the date when the conversion occurs (if different).  This can make syncing with orders confusing.

2)  If the customer switches devices, even if it is the same IP address, AdWords misses this conversion.

3)  If the customer clicks an ad more than once, they may be designated as an invalid click and therefore the conversion not recorded.

4)  My customers use the same checkout process for both purchases and redeeming rewards, so one customer may be tallied as more than one conversion, which skews the data for me.  I changed my conversion setting from All Conversions to Unique Conversions, but then conversion tracking no longer worked.

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Re: Conversion Tracking Issues

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Hi Tyler,
Just wanted to chime in here to give you my experience.

1) This has always been the case and it is in fact, by design. There are many reasons for it but it makes sense for most businesses.

2) This is an age old problem. However, with Google analytics, Google have made great inroads. Cross device conversion tracking is tricky to set up but possible in GA. Once that's done, you can import those conversions into AdWords.

3) Not necessarily true. Clicking twice doesn't mean it's invalid. I've never come across a situation where the conversion was attributed to an invalid click. I'd imagine this is so rare that it's not even a considered a problem.

4) I think this is a site architecture problem that's local to you. This is exactly why unique conversions was added. I'm looking at an account right now and I can see it's working. If you want some help getting it working, you could post a new thread and I'm sure you'll get plenty of assistance here.

So looking at your feedback, everything is either working as designed, something that is BEING addressed or something that's a problem on your end. I'm certain that your feedback will be well received but I think that you're better off focusing on getting your setup working first as there isn't going to be any change if it's working for everyone else.

Hope that was somewhat useful.

Re: Conversion Tracking Issues

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Estimated Total Conversions was introduced to address the issue of cross-device conversion paths. See: