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Conversion Revenue Reporting - Adjusting for Refunds

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We get quite a lot of cancellations/refunds since our booking products are not always available or are cancelled due to weather/etc.  We would like that to be reflected in the conversion/revenue data, so that after a cancellation/refund, the conversion/revenue data is adjusted downward.  Is that possible?


In Analytics, it appears we've successfully set it up so that if an order is cancelled, it sends a negative value to Analytics and this is counted, at least in the Product data.  This means, over a broader time frame, the negative value cancels out the initial positive value from that order.


However, in AdWords, I'm not seeing any adjustment made, at least at the keyword level.  If not possible at the keyword level, is it possible at the Campaign or Ad Group level?  Is there anyway to associate the Product data from Analytics (which takes into account refunds) with a Campaign/Ad Group?




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Re: Conversion Revenue Reporting - Adjusting for Refunds

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Hi @Tyler S excellent question!  The first thing that springs to mind is to switch to using the Google Analytics data for tracking in AdWords if GA is tracking the refunds correctly.  This is relatively straightforward (and common for ecommerce providers) and is explained here:


However, I've no idea if AdWords will be able to process any refund information; I've never seen refunds in Analytics so can't comment.  It certainly can't help to try this option though.


The other alternative would be to try and work out an average percentage refund value then adjust your actual conversion values by this amount.  For example, if you received 10 orders a month at $100 each, and your data over a reasonable period suggests that you get 2 refunds a month, you could adjust the conversion value down by 20% to $80.  It would be an approximation at best, and might make it difficult to identify individual orders, but it would at least make your ROAS figures more realistic.


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