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Conversion Counting Options (One vs Every)?

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I came across the following link and I had a couple questions I'm hoping someone can help me answer.


1. If I make a change to the "Count" or "Include in "Conversions"" for my conversion under the "Tools > Conversions" page, is the current data that I show suppose to update when I go back to my "Campaign" report?  Or do these changes only effect future data collected on new advertising I do?


2. I have a shipping website company, so each time a customer submits a shipment I count this as a "conversion"; so would it be better to use count "Every Conversion" instead of "One Conversion" for this "Shipping" conversion I set up?


Thank you!



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Re: Conversion Counting Options (One vs Every)?

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Hi there,

1. Changes are only reflected going forward. Existing conversion data is fixed and cannot be changed.

2. I generally use Every Conversion for anything where you are getting a sale or monetary return. For requests for information, it is best to use "one conversion" as it is irrelevant how much contact they make (say 4 form fills in an hour), from a conversion point of view. It really comes down to how people use your site and what you want reflected in the conversion stats.

Re: Conversion Counting Options (One vs Every)?

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Hi Olimits7,

I agree with Rob on both the points here.

I would also suggest you to set the conversion count to Every Conversion as a conversion for you is every shipment that comes in. If the same user sends you multiple shipment requests/shipments within a span of short time, you need to count every request as Conversion.

Hope this Helps!

Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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