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Conversion App Tracking

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Dear Community, 


We have two micro conversions -> registrations and purchases. 

Currently we are tracking every conversion step (plus the App Downloads and Installs for Android) in Adwords. We have set the conversion bid metric to "converted clicks". So If for example an Android customer comes from the Playstore and fulfills every micro conversion we have four total conversions (Download/Open/Register/Purchase) in the conversion column. What I really want to see in that column is the registration only. So I tried to exclude the other conversions in that column but it says I have to change the metric to "conversions" first to do so. 

I don't really understand why it would make sense to change the metric to conversion as every converted click can only register once. 


Any advice on this?


Thank you!




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July 2016

Re: Conversion App Tracking

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Hi Gabriel,

So there are 3 columns for conversions.

Converted clicks:
Shows 1 conversion for each click irrespective of number of conversions

All conversions:
records every single conversion

This is the number of conversions that you have selected for the system to optimise towards.

So if you are looking at the conversions column and want it to only show one type of conversion then you need to change that conversion to be included in the column (in the conversion menu) and every other to not be included in that column.

If this is not what you want and you want to optimise towards all types of conversions when using things such as CPA bidding. Then the only way for you to see the different types of conversions is to segment your current view by conversions.

learn more about segmenting here:

learn more about conversion tracking and the 'include' setting here:

Good Luck

P.S. there is a third option to create a custom column with the conversions you wish to look at.