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Contextual Impression Share report

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Hi All,

The content impression share in the display network impression share report is showing <10% and content lost impression share (due to rank) is showing >90% over the last one year.

Can you please help me understand this report as the number never changed over the last one year though have increased the campaign budget and CPC?

Also, I would like to know – how can we increase the content impression share?

Thanks in advance.


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September 2015

Re: Contextual Impression Share report

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Hi Suyog,

Go through the link below which will help you to understand the meaning of the terms in an Impression share report.

Lost impression share due to rank on Display Network is the percentage of time that your ads weren't shown on the Display Network due to poor Ad Rank.

The major components of Ad Rank is you’re your bid and quality score of your ads.
So increasing your campaign budget and bids will help you to increase the impression share to a certain extend. But improving your ad quality score is more important in increasing your ad rank and getting a higher impression share in the long run.

Find some tips about increase the quality of your display network ads in the link below.

Hope this helps,