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Competitor not showing up in Auction Insights

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I'm hoping I'm asking this in the right place...

The Subject line says it all.  His ad has been up for at least two days now, but he doesn't show up on the Auction Insights list.


Why could that be?  He is using a text ad, not a google shopping ad. And he is using the same keyword.

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Re: Competitor not showing up in Auction Insights

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Hi Jack,
A couple thoughts and suggestions on this:

1) Is there enough recent activity on the keyword that is in question? If you have seen the competitor ad for the last two days I would set that as the date range and run the auction insights report for only the keyword(s) you are concerned about. If you get a warning that there has not been enough activity for us to generate an Auction insights report then you will have to wait a couple days for more data to accumulate.

2) Note what percent of available impressions are being used in the insights report. For example, if reporting is based on only 20% of available impressions and your competitor isn’t showing on 100% of all searches for the keyword(s) based on various targeting settings then it’s possible Google did not see their ad in sampled impressions.

3) More obvious, but make sure that the radio for “search campaigns” is selected.
Jim Vaillancourt, AdWords Top Contributor, LinkedIn
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Re: Competitor not showing up in Auction Insights

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There's probably nothing wrong. Auction Insights isn't supposed to show you every competitor for your ads -- it shows the statistically significant competitors. If you're seeing a competitor in a test search, but they don't appear in the report, it means they're not targeting enough of the same searches as you to be a significant competitor.


Maybe their budget is low. Maybe their geotargeting or is smaller. Maybe they don't have as many keywords as you. There's lots of possible reasons Just remember, the fact they show up on some of the same searches as you doesn't mean they show up in all the same searches as you.


You can run Auction Insights at multiple levels -- account, campaign, ad group, or keyword. If the competitor is only competing against one of your keywords, it's possible they aren't statistically significant at the higher levels. Running Auction Insights for just that keyword might make them show up, but if they don't, that's not an error either. It just means they're not a major competitor.


The exact standard for "statistically significant" is a Google secret, but it's probably 5-10%. Anybody who competes against you less than 5% of the time is not a priority for optimizing against. Pay attention to the statistically significant competitors first.


And finally, you don't know the competitor is using the same keyword as you. You know he's use a keyword that matches the same search. It might be a completely different keyword that happens to broad-match into the same search.