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Competition criteria in numbers

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Can you please specifiy what is the equivalent of 'High', 'Medium' and 'Low' in numbers please ?




Antonia Brkic


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September 2015

Re: Competition criteria in numbers

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Hi Antonia, welcome to the Community.


Google doesn't report figures like this in precise terms so I'm afraid "High", "Medium" and "Low" is as good as you're going to get.  Given the huge number of advertisers for many products and the large number of variables for each Account, these - and other - figures always include quite a large amount of variation and precise figures would probably be quite meaningless tomorrow, even if accurate today.



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Re: Competition criteria in numbers

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To follow with Jon;

Though Google does not report the raw data, you could  have some  "insight"  of  competition level using "Google trends" 

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Re: Competition criteria in numbers

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Hi Jon,


Thank you for your message. Variation should be definitely considered but in that case, I do not understand why there is precise numbers when you export data in csv format.