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Comparing conversions in Analytics and Adwords

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Hello to everybody,


I am dealing with a little issue as I am creating a balance sheet for my Adwords campaign. We have set up a double tracking of conversions - transactions by the Analytics tag and Adwords tag. The settings of the tags is the same - periode, attribution, amount of conversion etc.

Now I would like to check with you if I can compare the results in Analytics and Adwords and to have the similar results.

If I check the results of direct and assisted conversions in Analytics, would I have the same sales figures in Adwords ? 


And you, which results do you use for your presentations ? 


Thank you so much for your help and time!!!





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Comparing conversions in Analytics and Adwords

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Hi @Kat G,


There are some discrepancies between those metrics in AdWords and GA. The table linked-to below will give you some helpful insight.


* Comparing Analytics and AdWords conversion metrics *




Comparing conversions in Analytics and Adwords

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Hello Lakatos,


Thanks for your reply. I know that there are the different calculations of conversions. But I would like to know if I can get the same or similar results if I count the indirect and direct conversions from GA and the amount of conversion from Adwords. 


Or how do you do your reporting of campaigns ?


I am asking this question juste because the company is checking the results in GA and then they do not understand where I get my numbers because they can not read the numbers in Adwords...

So thats why I am interested in this comparaison.


Thanks !!