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Compare Dates ranges in Adwords UI

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This is simply breaking news!


Our beloved Tommy (the master PPCBossman) made me aware of a new trick in the good old Adwords UI which is the ability to compare dates in the adwords UI, until now this feature was very limited in its capabilities showing only a basic comparison in the graph, but now they went to infinity and beyond showing the whole data set with Impressions, clicks, CTR, and what not... all by simply hitting the (somewhat forgotten) Dimensions tab.


I will give credit where it's due, here's the link to his actual post showing in great detail how to make use of this feture (i am not sure whether it's allowed by the terms & conditions so i'll just give you the web address and go ahead and correct me if i'm wrong)


Also, i am not sure what is the other way around of comparing date ranges without using third party tools such as Excel, if someone knows of an efficient ways, please share.


Yours truly.



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Re: Compare Dates ranges in Adwords UI

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Maybe that at this moment only some people can see this.
** I´am learning Adwords and find it very interesting.
** Ik ben Adwords aan het leren en vind het erg boeiend.
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September 2015

Re: Compare Dates ranges in Adwords UI

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Thanks Jay!


It is still only in Beta but available on many accounts (whatever that means?). The problem is most folks don't have the 'Compare Dates' functionality enabled. I did also hear that it will be rolling out to everyone very soon.


I have some screenshots in the blog post here.  



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