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Company Name Change

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We've recently changed our company name and web site address. The old web site is redirecting to the new website. What do we need to do to get Adwords/Analytics working for the new web site and do we need to disable conversion tracking on the old web site?



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Re: Company Name Change

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Hi Warren and welcome,


As AdWords doesn't like redirects, the 1st thing I'd do would be to change the display and destination URL's in your current AdWords ads so there is no redirect going on.


You will need to add the conversion code onto the new sites conversion page (confirmation/thankyou etc) so it starts tracking ASAP. I wouldn't worry about removing it from the old site, no one is going to see it anyway.


I think the best way to do the analytics in this situation if you want to keep your current data would be the following. Add the same analytics code to the new site, then go into your analytics account, select the property you want to edit, select the profile(s) and edit the websites URL to be the new one you want to track. You may want to rename your actual account (to the new domain) which can be done from the account settings page.


That should keep all your data correct and start tracking the new domain.


I hope this helps.


Re: Company Name Change

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Lets come to the point one by one


Google Analytics :  In this case i will suggest you to set new analytics code to the new website. Because there are some reason like:

  •  If you dont set any analytics code to the new website google can not track those visitors who come to your site directly or organically or via ppc.Your analytics code of the existing website wont work anymore because analytics will automatically show all the data as " refferal " for those visitors who came to your new site through redirection.          

Google Adword  :

In case of adword you should disable all the old conversion code and set new conversion code for the new website. Because existing code do not work anymore for the new website.


Smiley HappyA small marketing tips : Sometimes  it may happen when you  change your website or business name your campaign performance may fall. If you have a good reputation/brand name in the online market it might be hampered by sudden changes like this.You may loose some of your potential visitors. From my personal experience i want to suggest you to mention it in the ad copies like " A division of" or "An Online Solutoin of" etc.


This is from my personal point of view.Lets see what our community experts say about this...



Thank You




Re: Company Name Change

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Hi amprosoftware,


Well, I'm going to disagree with the other answers here.


First, AdWords does not like escessive redirects. One redirect is not excessive and somewhat normal for many advertisers.


Next, you must change the display URL to match the domain after all redirects. If you don't do that, you'r ads will all be disapproved. I suggest you do leave the destination URL's in place for now, even with the redirect. This should have the effect of retaining at least part of your QS, the part that belongs to the landing page (relevancy to keywords), when moving to the new site. After your QS has recovered (yes, you will take a slight hit doing this), then go back and change the destinations.


When ever you change domain names, it's a good idea to redirect all the old pages to the new pages to retain your organic rank. If you don't already have one, open a Webmaster Tools account, claim both websites and put in a chnage of address from one to the other. That will make a fairly smooth transition from one site to the other. As GoogleBot crawls your pages and sees the redirect, they will update their database to point to the new pages. Within a short period of time, all you organic listings will be updated to the new website and will carry any page rank you have for that page. If you don't do this, your old domain will remain the in organic listings for a long time.


As for Analytics, I think I would create a new profile for the new domain within your current account. Be sure that profile is linked to yoru AdWords account. If you are using the AdWords conversion code, place that on your "thank you " page. You don't need new code for that, you can use the same conversion code.


Best of Luck!




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