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Combining website call forwarding and Analytics A/B

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I`m using website call forwarding service in Adwords and it´s working very well. Now I created an A/B test experiment in Analytics in order to split test two slightly diffferent landing pages but I could not figure out how to use call forwarding conversion data from Adwords there.

All third party call tracking services are forwarding their data firstly to Analytics and then you can import these results to Adwords. There is a lot of information available how to to import Analytics goals to Adwords conversions, but my need is completely opposite. I could measure just clicks to the phone numbers but then I would get only 40% of the information I need.

Is there any way how I could connect Adwords website call forwarding data with Analytics A/B testing environment?

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Re: Combining website call forwarding and Analytics A/B

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Hello Verner,


As per my understanding here, you are trying to merge two different set of features. Having said that I mean to say that Google forwarding number (in normal scenarios) is shown to the users, when they are searching online and have yet not clicked the ad. In that case, if the users dials that number, it gets tracked inside AdWords reporting in Call Details under Dimensions Tab. On the other hand, your session will only be tracked when the user actually lands on that page and then the user behaviour is monitored using the Content Experiments in Google Analytics which you are talking about.


In case you are talking about website call conversions (, then you need to insert one code in that particular web page and then that number will be displayed for 90 days to track the phone calls. Did you try implementing this code along with your Analytics Content Experiment for the landing page which you are talking about?



Re: Combining website call forwarding and Analytics A/B

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Hi Pankaj

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I´m talking about website call conversions. User clicks the ad, arrives to the landing page where he or she sees a unique telephone number generated by Google call tracking service.

I ´m performing A/B test within Google Analytics and currently I can compare following data
- user fills the contact form and submits it
- user clicks to the telephone number (usually when using mobile phone)

I would also like to see how many times have users dialed this unique number generated by Google. I can see this data in Adwords but I´m curious is there any way I could see this data also within Google Analytics A/B testing module?