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Combining two different adwords accounts into one?

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Dear AdWords Community,


I have two adwords accounts running at my company set up with different email addresses. (one for UK billing and one for EU billing) My Google Analytics account is combining all website data. When I wanted to connect Google Adwords and Analytics it only allows me to select the account that has the same email address. Is there a way that I can connect the account even though it is not the same email address? 


Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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September 2015

Re: Combining two different adwords accounts into one?

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Hi Eliot,

Welcome to the AdWords Community!!


Do you need to have separate billing for the UK and EU?  If not, yes, you could consider combining the Accounts into one AdWords Account.  To do this, you'd basically just pause all the Campaigns in one Account, and use the AdWords Editor to Copy and Paste the Campaigns into your other Account.


Note: Taking all the Ads from one Account and transferring them to another Account provides some areas of caution - 

  • Doing so will have Quality Score Implications - If you're using the same Keywords, Ads, and Landing Pages, over time, you should see performance level out, but you'll probably see some immediate increases in Actual CPCs.
  • Performance Data - While you'll always have access to it in your old Account, the historical performance data will not transfer.  You'll have to go back to the old Account to see it.

Also, have you heard of an My Client Center (MCC)?  Using an MCC you can just have one login/email address and login to a master Account where you can see both of your Accounts.  This probably solve exactly your question, but will make it easier to login to both of your Accounts.


Finally, have you tried linking both AdWords Accounts to your Google Analytics Account?  Google Analytics now allows you to link multiple AdWords Accounts to one Google Analytics Account.