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Combining conversions in same account

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Hi all,


Currently I have two different kind of conversions in Analytics that I might want to track in my AdWords account; one of them is a purchase and the other one is a lead. Some campaigns are focused on the purchase (the users are funnelled to it), and others on the lead.


Both the Converted Clicks and Conversion columns will give me an aggregate of the two but I would have the two of them mixed (as far as I can tell). Is there anyway to track different conversions for different campaigns (say, campaign A only tracks conversion A, while campaign B only tracks B)?


What approach would you advice in this situation?



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Re: Combining conversions in same account

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Hi DiegoValladolid,


Regardless of where the conversion comes from (AdWords or Analytics) you cannot set up a rule to say that they are campaign specific within the one account.


What you can do is use the "Segment" by "Conversion Name" feature to split out the conversions within a Campaign/AdGroup and see how many of each type of conversion has been attributed to that source.



Re: Combining conversions in same account

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Ok I'm checking the "Conversion Name" and it great for the task. However I reckon that I will eventually split the Campaigns in two Accounts, since the objective of these particular campaigns is better kept separate.

Thanks a lot Kathleen! Smiley Happy