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Client cannot see adwords metrics after linking to MCC? Please help?

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Hi All


I have recently linked a clients account to my MCC (My Client Centre), and setup a couple of campaigns through MCC for the client. 


The client is reasonably well versed in Adwords, and still wants to be able to log into his adwords account and see metrics, conversion data and so forth. I want to be able to make changes to his account via MCC like the rest of my clients. 


The problem is, since starting his campaign in MCC he cannot see the results / metrics / conversions of his campaign through his normal adwords login. I can see the results / metric and conversions from my MCC though. Is this normal / usual? Is there a way that will allow my client to login into his account and analyse his conversions / metrics and performance whilst I am still managing it via MCC?

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Re: Client cannot see adwords metrics after linking to MCC? Please hel

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Hi David,


I am assuming that since your client is actually the owner of the AdWords account you have linked and you must be hired as an account manager to make the changes. So your client should have admin access to the account which you are working upon.


First action should be to cross check whether the Customer ID which have you linked to your MCC is the actual account which your client is reviewing OR is he looking at his some other account and you have linked some different account?


Please note that MCC is only an umbrella account which is holding all your client accounts under one roof. So once you click on any client account, it is identical to what the client will see in his screen in AdWords interface.



Re: Client cannot see adwords metrics after linking to MCC? Please hel

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Hi Panka

Thanks for your prompt reply. You are correct, my agency is managing his account. I understand how MCC is an umbrella account, but the problem is the information isnt identical in his adwords account. I have just double checked the customer ID, and his admin rights, and this is all spot on.

Basically, I setup the campaign in MCC after linking his account. Now I can see the metrics in his account through MCC, such as the campaigns, adgroups, conversion rates, impressions etc. However the problem is, when the client logs into his account, he can only see the campaigns, adgroups, keywords and ads that I have implemented, but cannot see any of the metrics such as conversions, impressions, CTR etc.

I thought this information should simply be identical to what I see? This seems very unusual to me? Is there something obvious that I have missed?

Many Thanks

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Re: Client cannot see adwords metrics after linking to MCC? Please hel

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Hi Panka (and to the rest of the readers)

I finally figured out was going, and it was very newbie oversight. I just had to adjust the date range on the clients account. To close to the wood to see the tree's on this occasion.