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Clicks are less than reported by Adwords?

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Visitor ✭ ✭ ✭ com my service provider, has tools to monitor where the clicks are coming from, for some reason they are a lot less than what Google adwords is reporting.


Unfortunately, on my ad-words page, there is no information on who I can call at Google to answer my questions and concerns.


Is there a customer service number for adwords? or an Email?



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September 2015

Re: Clicks are less than reported by Adwords?

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There's often a difference between adwords data and third party data, the following reasons explain why your AdWords account may show more overall clicks:

  • Repeat clicks: Customers may click your ad several times when, for instance, comparison shopping or conducting research. Your third-party tracking software may not count these repeat visits to your site. As long as the click patterns don't fit a profile of abuse or invalid activity, however, they'll be counted in your AdWords account statistics.
  • Google Network statistics: Google displays ads on a growing network of search and content sites and products. Typically, web tracking software isn't able to recognize clicks from Google Network sites as being affiliated with Google. These clicks are generally labeled only with the third-party site name. If your ads are currently, or have ever been, distributed to Google Network sites such as, AOL, Netscape, and others, we recommend using referrer headers and tracking URLs to monitor where your website visits originate.
  • Browser limitations: There are limitations to your third-party tracking software's ability to track website visits with referrer headers. Most of the newer Internet browsers automatically pass along a referrer header when a customer clicks your ad and is brought to your site. However, some customers deactivate this feature in their browsers. Also, some proxies and corporate firewalls strip out the referrer headers.
  • JavaScript not enabled: If your third-party tracking software uses cookies to record referrer headers, ad clicks that occur in a browser without JavaScript enabled won't be tracked. Your AdWords account, on the other hand, will record clicks that occur in browsers with or without JavaScript enabled.
  • Redirects: Redirects in landing pages can often prevent tracking code from launching and might prevent your third-party tracking solution from properly identifying and counting clicks on your ads.


Please check this article to know more about differences between AdWords and third-party data:

Finally, Regarding how to get in contact with Google adwords team , please go over the following URL: