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Click fraud - Bounce Rate 100% - :( Help?

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Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to adwords but I'm savvy enough to know something is wrong... This morning (it's 6:46am PST) and my account is showing a 100% bounce rate on the 10 clicks so far. I have good quality scores 8/10 to 9/10 and all of my keywords are [exact match] on the longer tail side. Google insists that my account as a "whole" is a 58% bounce rate which is ridiculously high too. They "catch" one invalid click a week on average. They insist nothing is wrong, but it seems horrific. I have had no ROI in 2 weeks... Budget is $175 a day... What should I do? Any suggestions would be super helpful.
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Re: Click fraud - Bounce Rate 100% - :( Help?

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Hi @ZeroGravity T


The first thing to bear in mind is that there can be other reasons for high bounce rate other than just click fraud, so consider these first:


#1 - Does your landing page tell your visitors all they need to know?  Bounce rate is 100% when a visitor only sees one page so if the page they land on tells them everything they need, or tells them enough to know your site isn't what they're looking for, a high bounce rate may be perfectly normal.


#2 - Poor relevance.  If you've got good QSs then your landing pages should appear relevant to Google, but it's possible for them to be poor for other reasons.  For example, if I'm looking for a UK supplier of parts, often Google's results don't make it clear where the supplier is so I may need to visit the landing page.  When I see the firm is based in the US, I will probably bounce and that bounce is entirely justified.  So consider whether this (or something similar) could be an issue.


#3 - Code.  One common reason for high bounce rates is for the Analytics tag to be missing from some pages.  Make sure the tag is on every page and operating correctly.


#4 - Some businesses tend to have a high bounce rate.  There really are no "good" or "bad" figures for bounce rate as there are so many factors to consider.  As I've already said, for a one page site the BR is always going to be 100% and it may be in the high 90s for sites with few pages of actual content, so don't think that 58% is "ridiculously high" when it may actually be average for your vertical.


#5 - Sample size.  10 clicks really isn't a decent sample, particularly only in a single day.  Just 7 clicks that don't bounce would reduce your average to around 58% and you'd need to look over a much longer period to see those sorts of averages panning out.


What sort of BRs do you see from other Keywords?  Can you see any kind of pattern to the higher BR Keywords - do they all include a certain word, or do all the Ads in their Ad Groups include a certain wording?



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