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Click don't match visitors to my site

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I run a small site on shopify and decided to try ad words well after a week of running ads the sales don't jusify the cost right now.... However My site and Adwords just don't match... Adwords will claim 30+ clicks and my budget gone while my site may only show 10 visitors with 6 being unique why would this difference be there? That many people really click and close out the ad that fast that it wouldn't even show as a visitor to my site?

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Re: Click don't match visitors to my site

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Yes, AdWords clicks and Analytics sessions don't match for many reasons , you can check them out here:-

Re: Click don't match visitors to my site

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Hi Dennis,

Just wanted to elaborate on one of the most common reasons for the click & visits number not matching, the reason being the attribution model that GA & AdWords operates according to.

AdWords uses a first click attribution model which implies that whenever a user clicks on an SEM ad, AdWords set a cookie for that user tagging that user as an Adwords user, post this, it does not matter what digital/online means (directly going to the website, etc.) the user uses to get to the website, he will be termed as an AdWords user and the conversion associated with that user will be an AdWords conversion no matter what path he took to complete the conversion.

GA however works on a 'Last click attribution' model where GA considers the last interaction of the user with a medium/source of getting to the website and completing the conversion. So, in your case, it could be that users are clicking on your ads and then going back to the website directly and then converting finally. Now since, the user went directly to the website to complete the conversion, GA looks at the last medium used here (which was Direct) and then attributes the same visit & conversion & the user traffic to the source Direct.

Hope this makes sense and helps you!


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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