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Click To Call tracking

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I was wondering how Adwords actually tracks the click to call feature. When i go to ad extensions i can see that there are for example 20 calls in the conversions column, which indicates that my client has had 20 clicks on the click to call feature of the ad. However when i go into dimensions to see these, there is either usually nothing in there or only 1-2 calls showing with stats such as the date and time of the call and how long the call lasted.


I just wanted to get some clarification on how to exactly track call conversions.



Re: Click To Call tracking

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Hi Chrismak,

Yes we encountered this problem with click to call, Google actually charges you if the person clicks on "call" but then doesn't make the call. so you will have had 20 people click on the ad and only 1 or 2 click call on the pop up.

We found this highly frustrating for obvious reasons!

Hope this helps


Click To Call tracking. "Calls" lost / unmade significant number?

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Hi - 
So on the post june 2014 call tracking on adwords, are you finding it true that the clicks on the ads call button don't followthrough clicking onto the final Call button on their phones. 
Is it a significant number, IE aforementioned 18/19 of 20 are lost?
Of that, it'd still be a 5% "ctr" so still a decent conversion (into a live conversation)
Earlier i'd read about this & one thing is to have the ads only showing during calling hours (unless a phone message is ok, though lowers conversion Im sure)
Please advise - anyone whose used this recent version. I've clients who'd enjoy this, if it works.