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Click Fraud is allowed

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We recently came back to Google after a significant amount of click fraud and now see the same happening.

When you have PPC words that can cost £30 per click or more it is going to encourage fraud.

Google want to make a margin on Adwords and we don't have a problem with that but why are "Google Partners" allowed to


1. Locate advertisers with high value PPC words and adverts

2. Setup spoof sites with no content and then ......

3. Use sites like hide my [censored] and many others to click on the adverts so they can take the commission? 


The sites are clearly there for one purpose which to defraud the advertiser. There are hundreds of sites that enable traffic to emulate different devices and to appear to come from a wide variety of IP address and countries all to deceive the advertiser. 

Even though we restrict our marketing to a very tightly controlled region and we specifically only want English speaking traffic that originates from within our region but we still see Thailand India Dubai etc. 

1. Have a category of websites that must be complaint free for a year before they can display adwords
2. Publish a list of known click fraudsters so we can exclude them
3. Limit the amount of time a day / week / month that an advert can be click on
4. When adding a site to be excluded lets have it update the excluded site list in our shared library automatically as this feature does not work consistently 
5. Have Google take down these sites by removing the ability to display adwords based on this data.


With respect to Google it is not enough to remove a small percentage of click from our billing because you graciously "detect them" when the reality is you make a significant amount of profit from allowing the spook sites to carry the adwords advertising without any form of validation.


Please can we try to get some ethics into the system.


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Re: Click Fraud is allowed

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I understand that you feel like you are depositing money into the bank accounts of bad people, but I don't think this is the fault of any intentional unethical practices by Google, and this is coming from a pessimist.


Stopping all fraud would be to cure all types of cancer. It is inevitable that a small percent of your budget will go towards fraud. If this becomes a significant amount, it is partly up to you to recognize and exclude the major offenders. Google does there part with refunding the fraud that they are able to recognize, and they are always evolving their methods. I cannot foresee they would create an exclusion list for us, but I'm sure they have a behind-the-scenes blacklist.


If you feel like they have missed a significant amount, you can contact them and they will refund you if they agree, we have done this.

Re: Click Fraud is allowed

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Hi @Paul K;

Google takes  different strategies  to "combat" fraud, including a "background check". An advertiser (regardless if promotes one domain or many) who is found in severe violation of the Policy is banned for good, and cannot advertise with Google forever. (And, we have seen on this Community several cases of advertisers  banned for years.)

The question is how you catch them. Google uses some automated tools. On the other hand, advertisers  have to be active, and report violations when caught by the advertiser.

That said, Keep in mind, that at a large scale it could be hard to catch any single click fraud by a competitor. A small percentage  of any budget is "spent" on invalid clicks.


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Re: Click Fraud is allowed

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Having entered the arena of high value keywords we instantly noticed a significant volume of traffic, shortly after seeing a hit from

I wrote to them pretending I was interested in fraudulent activity

"We are told by a friend that we can use your service to knock out our competitors PPC campaigns whilst remaining anonymous. How can we find out more about this please"

Within minutes they replied
What we actually offer is a Proxy/VPN solution. we have a full scale of tools that allow you to view geo-specific content and ads from over 150 location worldwide and emulate any device

The clearly knew why we wanted the service and were very happy to engage. We repeated this with other companies who provide a similar service all of whom were happy to oblige.

It's not complicated for these companies to disable the ability to click from their IP addresses or to register their IP address with Google so that PPC fraud is impossible from those IP addresses.

Other sites that offer the ability to "Test adverts" and disguise who you are include
a massive list is here

Since Google have always known it's happening (but make money out of it) the only logical approach is for Google to say that with immediate effect all adsense if banned for sites less than 2 years old.
To require all adsense revenue recipients to list all sites they collect revenue from
To withhold adsense revenue for three months to ensure there are no complaints.
To make it a condition that Revenue from all sites is forfeit if one of their sites is penalised

A responsible approach will cause people to think twice about fraud, will encourage larger spends from advertisers safe in the knowledge fraud is being addressed.

Re: Click Fraud is allowed

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Just had a nice call back from from 0800 808 5323 I explained I wanted to take out my competitions PPC "Sure no problem" $78 for the year

In the UK it is a Crime to assist in the perpetration of a Crime or to benefit from the proceeds of Crime, it cannot be long before the legislators bring current legislation up to date although a "duty of care" applies already.

Re: Click Fraud is allowed

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@Paul K;

We are a bit speculating here...

Not sure why a VPN vendor is assumed to be engaged in a banned practice;

And as for the second example; if you file a complaint with specifics,  Google will investigate.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Click Fraud is allowed

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I did and to their credit they are looking at it.