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Click Assisted Conv. Value

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Can I trust Key Word Imp and Kwy Word Assist values. Say I spend $100 on clicks but the Total Conv. Value column says $0.00 but the click assisted and Imp. assisted colums add up to $1,000 should I trust these. So these keywords are costing me 10% of sales if I take these two colums into account. I'm looking at getting rid of under performing keywords and would like to take these into account. What I'm doing is taking the cost divided by the sum of these columns and keeping in under 10% and pausing any KW over that, with some exseptions.




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Re: Click Assisted Conv. Value

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Hi Mark
Good question and it's becoming surprisingly common.

The assists figure just tells you that the keyword assisted in that number or value of conversions. There is no way to accurately say definitively that an assist has a specific value. That's up to the individual advertiser to decide.

In your scenario, the assists may have played a marginal role and be worth pausing. Or, they may have played a first click role in which case, in my opinion at least, the AdWords click deserves most of the credit and should actually have the bid and budget increased.

You can't tell this in the UI aline. You can look at the attribution reports (in the tools menu) or better yet you can create and examine more complex models in GA. The latter is my preferred option.

Your clicks or impression assists could be down to people researching for something like "yourbrand coupon code" in which case the assist is low value. If it's driving the majority of the early buying cycle and discovery phase users, it's worth a lot more. Unfortunately, we have to decide that worth for ourselves and Google gives us the tools to do that in GA and attribution reports.

So, to answer your question, I wouldn't go disabling or making any decisions on this without looking deeper into the assists themselves. Only you can decide if they're worth keeping.

Re: Click Assisted Conv. Value

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The above solution helped but I'd like to give a specific example from my keyword report. I do not do our coding but we have it coded to track our shopping cart values, so Google knows the total value that was purchased from our site due to a specific keyword.

Here is the example:
Spent amount = $69.75
Total Conv Value = $349.98
Click Assisted Conv. Value = $2,281
Imp. Assisted Conv. Value = $4,166

By my 10% cost per keyword criteria I would pause this keyword because the Total Conv. Value is way above 10%, BUT if I use the following example it is very well worth keeping:

Do I keep this Keyword or am I missing something?

Re: Click Assisted Conv. Value

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Hi Mark,
Your equation at the end is assuming that the assist gave 100% of the value. It didn't. Otherwise, it wouldn't be an assist.

google is just reporting the total value of conversions in which that keyword played a role. How big a role is up to you to examine and value. Google leaves that up to the individual advertiser. You don't need to know how to code here. You're just asking for something to which only you can answer.

Your keyword ASSISTED in that additional value. By how much? There's no way to tell. That is up to you to calculate or judge. There is no one size answer that I feel that you're looking for. I think you may need to read up on assists and how they are calculated because I believe you may not understand them fully and it's impacting your decision here.

I'd read this carefully, including the videos and guided tours as it's a REALLY important topic:

Let me know if I can clarify anything for you and welcome to the world of attribution. It has a bit of a learning curve but once you're in, EVERYTHING looks different.