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Change in CTR

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Hi All,


Curios about the change.


I opened my account today and saw a whooping increase in my display campaign CTR. From 0.48% yesterday it is now at 1.60% as of today. The impressions have decreased by 1/3 and clicks where almost the same which is a sign for the improved CTR.


I am just wondering how this must have happened.I made a change in the destination URL last night. And rest everything is same since last 10 days. Earlier it was on automatic placement but i changed it to Manual targeted 10 days ago. In automatic the avg CTR was at 0.30%.



Can anyone help me with what might be the possible reasons for almost 200% increase in my CTR.





Gurpreet Singh

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Re: Change in CTR

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Sounds like you're doing everything right to be honest Gurpreet Smiley Happy

I assume you changed to manual and bidded on sites that produced a higher CTR right? It's a good indication that the sites you chose are more relevant to your ads.

The simple reason is that your ads are being shown on less "irrelevant" sites. This is a good thing and you should keep it up. But don't forget about using automatic to find more sites like this. Use separate campaigns if you need to.

As for the display URL, this is also common. A simple change in display URL can yield massive improvements in CTR. Something so small should never be discounted.

Re: Change in CTR

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Hi Dave,

Smiley Happy

I dint make any change to the Display url..I changed the Destination URL but i dont think that will make any difference with CTR. From past 10 days i am on manual targeting but suddenly since last night after changing the Destination URL i saw a 200% of rise in CTR.

Just want to know what are the factors which might have pushed the CTR high.
I just want to know if by mistake i did some tweak in the account which is giving me more better result? As in the change history i see just the change of destination UR.
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Re: Change in CTR

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Hi Gurpreet S,

Your new landing page may have better "relevance" or "user experience". That would increase your QS and ad rank. It's hard to tell with a display campaign since they don't show or reveal DN QS.

Check your average position. It may have gone up without substantially changing the CPC. If that's the case, the new landing page did get a better score. The landing page itself did not directly produce a better CTR, but it moved it up on the page to a better position that brought more clicks or a better CTR.

Best of Luck!

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