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Can't remove "Select linked AdWords accounts", help!

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I had an Analytics acount A linked with an Adwords account B, but as some reasons, I use another Adwords account C now, so I would like to link Adwords account C to Analytics account A, it is strange that after I deleted "linked group", the "linked Adwords account" is still there, just below "Selected linked Adwords accounts", and I couldn't delete it. Can anybody here has the same experience and know how to solve this problem?



Re: Can't remove "Select linked AdWords accounts", help!

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Hi Tang,

Please follow the steps described in the below link to Unlink the required Adwords Account from Google Analytics.

If the problem still exists, I would suggest you to check whether you have 'Edit' permission for relevant Google Analytics property and also 'Administrative access' for Adwords Account.

Just for your information, You can add multiple Adwords account into Analytics if you want. So, no need to remove the previous account if you don't want to

Hope it helps !!

Re: Can't remove "Select linked AdWords accounts", help!

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Hi Deepak,

Sorry for my late reply.

The problem still exists, and I still don't know why. I create a MCC adwords account with another email, for example, with <edited by a Community Manager as noted below>, and then I create a google analytics account with <edited by a Community Manager as noted below>, and I added my Adwords Account B and Adwords Acount C to the MCC. And then from MMC Analytics Account, it allowed me to link Adwords MMC account. With this method, I linked Adwords Account C to my analytics property.

However, things are getting, weird, and I don't whether it is because of the linking of Adwords and Analytics, I found that, most of my adwords traffic were sorted as organic traffic for the past 7 days.

I am still try to figure it out.

Thank Deepak, if you can give an advice, I would be very appreciated.

(and I have one thing to complain, it is so hard to attach an image in this Adwords community!!!)


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