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Can I determine the actual position of the ads that were clicked?

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It seems that Google wil not let me determine the actual position of the ads that were clicked.  I am ruinning a low volume, high dollar campaign, and I need to determine if it really matters whether my ad is in the top 1, top 3 or top 5.  All I need is a list of the clicks and the position of the ad when it was clicked.  The search terms entered to get to the page would be nice too.  Seems like this ought to be easy enough.


Averages are nice, but to calculate the average, you have to know the individual numbers that make up the average.  if you know the numbers, then you ought to be able to let us see them.


Doable?  I am new.

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Re: Can I determine the actual position of the ads that were clicked?

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I dont think you can achieve this with adwords but with analytics you can get very close to this.

  • Make sure your adwords and analytics accounts are linked
  • login to analytics >> click on customization
  • Create a custom report with metrics as visits and primary dimension as ad slot position and secondary as keyword or matched search query 
  • Save the report and you are done.

Note: according to google documentation if you chose clicks instead of visits it should work but it doesnt work when you try it in practical. If you want to use ad slot position, Keyword and matched search query all 3 dimensions at the same time you will have to use magic script or similar 3rd party reporting tool as analytics interface only supports 2 dimensions


Hope this helps



Regards, Nik
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