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Campaign report : 13 invalid clicks vs 3 valid clicks in24h

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 I had an amazing count of invalid clicks in a client account yesterday, 13 invalid clicks for a competitive city vs 3 valid clicks. I have never seen such a 400% ratio of invalid clicks . What would you do in this situation ?


Here is the report :




a) Is this a too small volume of data to have any reaction so you would ignore it ?

b) Would you ask google to further investigate the account activity via a special report form ?

c) Another type of reaction , perhaps a search in the website logs to see if it was traffic from the same IP to block it 

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September 2015

Re: Campaign report : 13 invalid clicks vs 3 valid clicks in24h

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Hey Adrian,

That does seem like an excessive difference, although not a large sample. I would personally flag that keyword and related keywords and watch them for a few days before making an decisions.

It may just be a harmless once off situation that was identified by Google, or it may be an unethical or sinister competitor trying to sabotage your efforts. Either way, it will become apparent over the next few days.

If it was a large sample I would definitely be a bit more concerned, but for now I think being aware of the problem and wary of the situation is as far as you need to go.

This is of course assuming that you are managing your account on a daily basis.

So to answer according to your question, I wouldn't do any of them (a/b/c) but rather I went with option d. Smiley Tongue
If anything, c) would be the most likely if those are your only 3 options.

Hope this helps

Re: Campaign report : 13 invalid clicks vs 3 valid clicks in24h

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Yes, option D) sounds good, a stand by reaction to see if the same 400% invalid clicks are repeated. I do monitor that account on a daily basis.


Thank you