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Campaign conversions being recorded under separate campaigns

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I am looking for some feedback on the following if possible.  I am currently running a number of campaigns under the one client and I also have a number of different types of conversions in here- mainly application form completions etc.  In summary I might have Campaign A, Campaign B and Campaign C.  I will then have Conversions set up which will include Conversion Application Form Thank You A, Conversion Application Form Thank You B and Conversion Application Form Thank You C.


The problem I am having is that all too often I am noticing that Campaign A will register a Conversion Form Thank You C pretty regularly as well as other mix ups.  I know that there could be an element of people clicking on Campaign A and realising they actually need to apply for C but this happens far too much for me to believe that this is the case.  The 30 conversion window to me doesn't really wash either.  Campaign A and Campain C are polar opposites and not something that you would have to appy for each within a 30 day period of each.


Has anyone else ever noticed something like this?  p.s. I have autro tagging enabled also.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Campaign conversions being recorded under separate campaigns

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Hi BarryM,


Thanks for posting! This looks to be quite specific to your AdWords account, website and conversion tracking set up. As such, it might be a good idea to give your local AdWords Support line a call so they can take a look into your account. Phone numbers are here


One thing to note is that conversion tracking is a very basic form of tracking - you place the code on a specific page and when someone reaches that page, the code fires and records a conversion. You might need to check the three pages on your website where you have placed the code to ensure it's correct. You can see the correct codes in the 'Conversions' section of your AdWords account. Also, maybe take a look through your conversion path on your website to see if it's easy for users to switch from one form to another. Maybe also check your keywords, ads and landing pages to ensure that the right keywords are leading to the right ads and landing pages. You may have to add negative keywords or change your keyword match types to try to funnel the correct traffic to the correct campaign. 


I hope this helps!


Re: Campaign conversions being recorded under separate campaigns

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Hi Rachel,
Thanks for your reply. I might run it by the Adwords support team alright. Yes I have gone into tools and conversions to see what url's have triggered them and nothing is out of the ordinary here and I have audited with my web team where they are located everywhere else and everything is fine.
I think the keyword match setup is ok also so I am leaning towards the ease of navigation between the two needing to be tightened up possibly. Some more testing is in order I think.