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Campaign Impression Share vs. Ad Group Impression Share

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My campaign's overall Search Impression share is 39%.


However, if I take the average of all my active Ad Groups' Impression Share- it is much higher, at 57%.


Can someone explain the difference between these two metrics? I thought they should be the same, or at least very similar. Is the Campaign level Impression Share including paused keywords or something??



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September 2015

Re: Campaign Impression Share vs. Ad Group Impression Share

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Hi Sachin M,

Averaging the averages just doesn't work. You need the raw data that produced the original averages. You would need to know the number of times ads showed from any account for your keywords. Then you need to know how many of those times resulted in impressions for your account. You would take your total number of impressions and divide by the total number of time your ad was eligible to get a true average.

I prefer to leave that all to Google and have faith they have properly calculated the share numbers.

I suppose you could extrapolate the number of times your ad was eligible. Take your total number of impressions, divide by your impression share, then multiply by 100. Do this for each Ad Group, then divide the total number of impressions by the total number of times your ad was eligible and that will give you a true average Search Impression share. I'd bet you after doing all that work, you will find it all adds up.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Campaign Impression Share vs. Ad Group Impression Share

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Thanks Pete!

That was my general train of thought but I was feeling too lazy to do the math and figure out precisely why averaging averages doesn't equate to using raw data.

I suppose that's a no-brainer. Thanks again for the response.