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Call tracking

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Hi all,


I started a deeper analysis over the call tracking and the conversions and to be honest, I'm confused. Hope you can help me sort things out.


So, I have 3 call tracking sources to consider here:

- Call from ads

- Calls from website

- Phone clicks (Event tracking imported from Google Analytics)


Under Dimensions > Call details I have the below Call type and Call source data:

Call typeCall source
Mobile click-to-callAd
Manually dialledWebsite
Mobile click-to-callWebsite


- I get that Mobile click-to-call from Ads - is when people are clicking the phone icon besides the ad on Mobile devices. The implemented Call extension.


Manually dialled call from website - I guess is when someone dial the dynamically generated forwarding number that has replaced my business number on the website, e.g. dialing 12345 will redirect people to the correct number and these calls are being tracked.


Mobile click-to-call from website - I don't know how to interpret this. Since phone clicks (The event tracking from GA) only track clicks and not calls, it can't be this. Is it when people, from mobile devices, CLICKS the dynamically generated forwarding number followed by a call? 


Also, is it even necessary to count Phone clicks on the number, since it is replaced by Google's forwarding number and clicks on this will be counted anyways?


I really want to avoid duplicated counting.


Grateful for your help!



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Call tracking

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Hi John,


Under Dimensions > Call details you will see the actual calls made via the forwarding number. Your understanding of each is correct.


Your imported goal from Analytics won't appear in that section, but will appear as a conversion in other reports.


Usually counting clicks on the number is useful for when you don't have call forwarding, or as a goal for non-AdWords visitors. Within AdWords it doesn't have much value if you have call forwarding. It can let you know the number of people who clicked but didn't make the call (it is a two-step process) but this isn't actionable data.



Call tracking

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Hi Rob,


Thank you for your answer!


In other words, the imported Phone clicks tracking from Analytics should not be counted with the calls? Since then the same call will be counted as two conversions, one for the click and one for the call to the forwarding number. 

Call tracking

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What I often do is import the Analytics goal, but untick the box about recording a conversion. It will then show up only in the All Conv column, as an extra stat you can look at.


But having them both as conversions will double the number of true conversions and just confuse things.