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Call extension clicks?

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When I look at the call extensions for my ads, I see several clicks for the phone numbers listed there - what are these clicks? What are users doing that is resulting in a click being registered for these call extensions? 


Furthermore, when segmenting by device, I see that the far majority of these clicks have come from computers. How does that work? 


Are these clicks being registered when a user clicks on an ad which the call extension is part of, or are they clicking on the phone number? 



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Re: Call extension clicks?

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Hi Regan,

I am not sure where exactly are you looking at. But in case you are at the Ad extensions tab, you will have to segment the data by click type to understand when and where the users are clicking on. You can see multiple options there i.e. headlines when user clicked your ad, mobile click to call i.e. your phone number was visible and user clicked it etc... To see how many phone calls were generated using Google forwarding number, you will have to go to Dimensions Tab>> Call details.