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Call Extensions: Third Party Tracking vs. AdWords Tracking

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I'm currently using a third party phone call tracking service, CallRail, to track both all calls from paid search as well as a separate phone number to track Google Call Extensions specifically. I've set up the Google Call Extensions phone number through CallRail as an offline source to utilize that 1 phone number for Google Call Extensions only. 


Interestingly...I'm seeing a lot more calls through CallRail than is tracked through AdWords. I understand CallRail counts repeat callers as well, but even with those users removed I'm seeing more in CallRail vs. AdWords. I also understand that AdWords defines whether the phone call was manually dialed or click to call, so I would assume that would weed out the inflated amount in CallRail as a user writing down the number and calling from a different phone.


Can anyone elaborate on how the two platforms track phone calls differently?/Why there is such a discrepancy?



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Re: Call Extensions: Third Party Tracking vs. AdWords Tracking

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Hi Kimmie,

There may be an explanation but I'm curious about your discrepancy, do you have rough figures? Are we talking missing 2 out of 10 calls or 100 out of 500. Also, is this dynamic tracking so if the user clicks an ad, visits the site and makes the call then, it's still the same phone number or are you relying on users to solely call the Google Forwarding number directly from the ad?

There are many ways to go about call tracking and IMO, none of them are perfect where the numbers will match exactly in AW and 3rd party data.


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