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Call Extension Query

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Hello All,


I have setup a call extension for one of my campaigns. It does show a decent no of clicks.But at the granular level in call extension,through segmentation, I could dig into Click Type date.

Here, I came across clicks on :
Mobile clicks-to-call
I have not understood the term mobile clicks-to-call
I am assuming all the call extension clicks happen when someone clicks/calls a "number" displayed on a mobile or tablet.If that so, then why does it show seperate segment "mobile clicks to call", where it shows a very few clicks in my report. Why are clicks on Headline and Site extensions measured under call extensions ?

 Kindly Replu

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Re: Call Extension Query

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Hi Sagarv,

Yes "Mobile click to call" is report of the call extensions. If you are getting very few clicks, it means very few users clicks on your call extension. And rest of the users click on your headlines means normal ads.

However you also use click only format in your ads, it allows the users to clicks on your ads not on the ads.

please read the below article for more info :-

and open the " Instructions to add call extensions" and read the point 9.
--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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Re: Call Extension Query

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Hi Sagarv,


You are correct about the mobile click-to-call metric in the ad extension report segmented by click type.  It measures the number of clicks that you received on the call extension that initiated a "click-to-call" when the call extension was shown with your ad. This is explained in the Add phone numbers to your ads article.


When you segment your data by click type, you see the "Headline" and "Sitelinks" metrics because this report is intended to show you the individual performance of your various ad extensions when your ad extensions were shown with your ad.  Obviously, even if your call extension appears to a user on a mobile device, they may still choose to click the Ad's Headline or other extensions instead.  Segmenting your Ad Extension data by click type tells you specifically how users chose to interact with your ads when they had multiple choices, or 'click types', to choose from.  That's what the "Headline," "Sitelinks," and "Click-to-Call" click type metrics tell you.


When you don't segment your data in the Ad Extensions tab, the statistics table shows data on the entire ad unit's performance when they were displayed with your various ad extensions.


To compare the individual performance of your different types of ad extensions, Google recommends segmenting your data by "This extension vs. Other".  With this report, you can compare the performance of any individual ad extension with the other possible click types available in your ads.


For more information, check out the Performance and reports section of the Show additional links below your ad text article.


Happy New Year!  Hope this helps.  Let me know if you have any other questions.