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Calculate budget for 100% impression share

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If my budget is not limited, how would I calculate the effective budget ceiling - or what I would need to get 100% impression share?


In a help article, Google says "If your current daily budget is $10 and we see it would need to be $100 to capture all possible traffic, your recommended amount may be less, such as $20 (the amount can vary depending on your current budget and potential traffic)."


How would I calculate the cost of capturing all possible traffic?

Re: Calculate budget for 100% impression share

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Hi Rebecca,

You should add the columns "IS lost by budget" and "IS lost by rank". That should give you an idea of what you need to be spending. "IS lost by budget" will tell you what percent of searches you are missing out on because your budget isn't high enough. "IS lost by rank" will tell you what percent of impressions you are missing out on because rank is not high enough. Since your budget is not capped, it's more likely that you need to improve your positions to increase your impression share - which in turn may cost a bit more. It's hard to calculate exactly how much more you will need because it depends on what position you are in and the delta in CPC. It's very hard to ever get 100% impression share - if you get into the 90s, then you are doing well.

Hope this helps!