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CTR IS Below Average?

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I have a below  ave. click thru rate. QS is 7, i due have call to action and call outs, your advice is appreicated

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December 2015

Re: CTR IS Below Average?

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Hi Tony,

There are a number of ways to increase CTR:
* Add as many Ad Formats as possible (Extensions), Sitelinks, call outs, call extensions, reviews
* Make sure your Extensions are relevant to your target topic
* Make sure your Ad copy is relevant to your target landing page
* Try use more Exact & Phrase match keywords (and broad match modifiers)
* Use prices where possible and try to mention discounts if there are any (50% off)
* Try Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI)
* Have at least 3 ads in each Ad Group
* Stay relevant and to the point
* Do not use words users may not understand, keep it simple

* Try not to use single target keywords, rather use 2,3 or 4 word phrases

* Make sure you have at least one mobile ad, and be sure to keep this ad short, simple and to the point.

* Rotate your ads to improve your CTR over time, try different variations on a regular basis and always try to improve. Keep the winning ads and rotate the losing ads