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CPC and organic conversiom

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My CPC conversion rate is way lesser than my organic conversion rate. Even when the CPC visitors are higher. For eg. if my visitors from organic search are x, my revenue is y and even though my CPC visitors are 2x, my revenue from those visitors is only y/10. Why is it the case?

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Re: CPC and organic conversiom

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There is no set answer for your question. You need to figure this out yourself. I think this may help you to optimize your campaigns further.
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Re: CPC and organic conversiom

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Here are the factors that can be different in your comparison :


1) Search terms from organic search : that help users arrive at your site : when you say x visits from organic and 2x visits from CPC , are you looking at the same search terms ( attention not keywords ) ? If you are looking at the whole picture, there could be a mix of search terms that is different from organic to CPC, therefore the users intention can be different.


2) Search terms in cpc campaign : if the answer for 1) is that you are not comparing the same search terms , the solution is to adapt you CPC campaign to add the organic search terms too . Different search terms mean different intentions from users : "review for product 1" is not the same as "price for product 1". Look at your most click search term from the organic searches and try to find it also in the adwords campaign to compare how many clicks it received, to what keyword is matched and what landing page it uses.


3) In your comparison is the x value from organic search for the same landing page as the 2x value in your CPC campaign ? If not, it means that the landing page from the organic searches provides a better sales message.


4) Ad position, if your organic position is in top1 and your ad is placed in position 8 along the right hand side, the intention to research more and buy later is stronger for people who click the ad that is harder to reach on the screen.

Re: CPC and organic conversiom

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Hi Atul,


I am assuming that you are referring to the difference between your natural organic visits and paid Adwords traffic here.


Both are different and work differently from all aspects. If you are not getting good ROI from your Adwords campaigns, then as said above you need to review your campaigns and see the flaws in it.


It could be that your ads are not reaching the as relevant traffic as your organic searches are reaching. Review the Search Terms report and identify relevant/irrelevant traffic. Then you can add the relevant ones as keywords in your account and irrelevant as negative keywords.


Similarly, you also need to see what type of keyword matching options you have and if there's excessive usage of broad matches, then you need to use more restrictive match type keywords and work accordingly.


You can identify the organic keywords which are converting for you under Google Analytics and introduce them as keywords in your Adwords account.


There's lot more...Start working on your account step by step and you should be in better shape down the line.


Best of Luck!


CPC and organic conversion

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The real conundrum here for me is that why isn't the paid traffic buying as much on my website as i expect them to. I understand organic visitors have more of an intention to buy than the paid traffic, but even then the numbers are too abysmal to account for this behavior. Also,do we have some stats on something like how many browsing session does a a typical buyer takes before making a purchase decision. For e.g i for one never buy in the first browsing session, unless reminded of the product again by the remarketing campaigns

Re: CPC and organic conversiom

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You can check the buying sequence from the multi-channel funnel in analytics.


In this example the Top conversion path report shows 12 % of a small set of 29 conversions as originating from revisits of at least 2 clicks. You can also see the keywords that generated a chain of decision by selecting : Secondary Dimension / Traffic sources / Keywords.




From those 7 of them have the first click on a paid Ad and the next click a Direct Visit.


You could also see a sequence of Paid Search ->> Organic Search , if the consumer remembers your brand and searches for it online for example.